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Aircraft Sourcing Process


Every faculty at your service: knowledge, experience, contacts

At PrivatAir, you will find an aircraft sourcing team with decades of experience, able to provide you with the detailed, current and unbiased advice that is essential for the purchase of your business jet.

We are proud to be able to offer:
  • Near-on four decades of experience
  • A worldwide network of customers and aircraft owners, aviation professionals and associates such as operators, financial institutions, aviation lawyers, brokers, advisers etc. as well as strong relationships with all aircraft manufacturers
  • Our experience, not only as an aircraft trader, but also as an operator with combined expertise in engineering, maintenance, crew management, cabin service, dispatch and operation, as well as cost and budget control
  • Strong aircraft financing expertise
  • The ability to accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the right choice of aircraft to delivery and beyond, thanks to our experience in aircraft operations

Every benefit on hand

Design & Refurbishment

One of the many advantages of private jet ownership is the prospect of putting your stamp of uniqueness on your aircraft. Whether you are acquiring or refurbishing a jet, we can assist you with the design and installation of the interior, to ensure you gain full enjoyment and efficiency from your investment. We cover all aspects, including in-flight entertainment systems and satellite communications.

Aircraft Management Service

Our dedicated Aircraft Management team can take on the complete management of your jet, providing a customized service that suits your specific needs. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having your own aircraft at your disposal, without the burden of care.

Aircraft Charter Sales

Our sales team can manage the chartering out of your private jet, as per your wishes. Available when you need it, earning revenue when you don’t, your private jet becomes a sound business investment.


Aircraft Sourcing: files available for download

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